Track 2: Write

“Write down an idea for nature policy”

Submission Process

It is easy to participate in Nature Contest. There is no registration fee and no registration process. You simply have to email your entry at The submission format however, must be followed strictly. Please read through the following three steps before submission.

Step 1: Submission Format

One Microsoft Word File: Your written entry should not exceed 1500 words limit. The file should be saved in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) on A4 size document. (Please, do not send PDF. It is important for publication purposes).

One Contact Page (A4 size saved as PDF)

Step 2: Required Information

Your word file must carry the following information besides content:

  1. Title of your essay/poem/story/other
  2. Your name
  3. Your country

A contact page with following information must be submitted separately as PDF:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Profession
  3. Your Email Address
  4. Your Complete Mailing Address
  5. Nature Contest Category (state one): Nature Gadget/ Nature Policy/ Nature Tutor
Step 3: Submit by Email

1. Start a new email.

2. Write the subject: “Nature Policy Entry 2020”.

3. Attach both files (Word and PDF)

4. Send the email at: